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Cross-platform licences are usable on Windows, OS-X and Linux.


Apple windows*nix  Single User License - 1 Year Subscription - Cross Platform

Single User (non-concurrent) One Year Subscription  ($149)

Apple windows*nix  Stat/Transfer Single User Perpetual Licenses - Cross Platform

Single Registered User Perpetual License  ($349)

Apple windows*nix  Upgrade Version 12 to Stat/Transfer Single User Perpetual License

Single Registered User Perpetual License Upgrade from Version 12 (Maintenance not included)  ($199)

Apple windows*nix Volume, Five Single Users - One Year Subscription - Cross Platform

Volume, Five Single Users (non-concurrent) - One Year Subscription  ($495)

Each Additional User - One Year Subscription  ($99)


Apple windows*nix Stat/Transfer Annnual Site/Network Licenses - Cross Platform

25-Named (Non-concurrent) User Annual Lease  ($1295)

50-Named (Non-concurrent) User Annual Lease  ($2295)

100+ Named (Non-concurrent) User Annual Lease  (Email for Quote)